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Mr Agrawal

Rainwater Harvesting Potential
Catchment area – 125 square metres (sq. m)
Average annual rainfall in Gwalior – 899 milli metre (mm)
Total water available from rainfall – 95 cubic metre (m3) or 95,518 litres

Rainwater Harvesting System
The rooftop rainwater from the building collected rainwater along with remaining runoff is collected in a pit pit made all around dry borewell. The pit is measuring 1.2m x 1.2m x2m and filled up with layers of boulders, pebbles and coarse sand to ensure proper filtration of rainwater before diverting into dry bore for groundwater recharge.

The rainwater harvesting system was completed in the year 2007 at a cost of Rs. 0.10 lakh

Impact: It is not yet noticed as the house did not have a borewell and the project was recently implemented.

Contact Person:
Girish Agrawal
Bhagwat Sahab Ki Gali
Chitniskigot, Bara, Gwalior
Phone-4079740, 4076150, 9301100680

Project designed by:
Ramsewak Sakya 116-A, Anand Nagar Opposite Samarth school Bahodapur, Gwalior Phone- 9425742012, 2497347

Project Implemented by:
Ram Swaroop Police Chowki ke paas Kalari ke Peche, Fatak Number 1 Bahodapur, Gwalior Phone- 9425742012, 2497347

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