Jaldhar Model
To harvest rain and save paddy crops from frequent rain failures, a team of Professional Assistance For Development action (PRADAN) has found a simple solution termed Jaldhar. In this technique, a portion of the farmland is left aside for rainwater harvesting, holding back rainwater in the land itself. Depending upon the land type there are two variations of design. One design is applicable to small plots where slope is less than 2 per cent and the other design is applicable for plots where slope is between 2-8 per cent and for slopes greater than 8 per cent, the technology may need some little modification.

The five percent model: The main objective of this model is to ensure that all small land holdings should have their own water body for harvesting rain. These pits are usually 1.5 square metre in size, occupying 5 per cent area of individual fields. The plot is levelled properly and bunded to allow water to accumulate to a height of 100mm, this pit also facilitates the subsurface flow of water to downstream plots and improves the moisture regime of the area as the whole.

The jaldhar 30x40 technique: The name comes from calculations done in terms of feet. Lands having an average slope of 3-5 per cent upland areas are divided into smaller plots and the water collection pit is dug in each plot. The pit area should consist of 3-4 per cent of an individual plot with depth around 1 m and located at the lowest point of the plot.

Plots should be chosen in a staggered fashion so those pits are also staggered as far as possible to enable uniform seepage of water across the slope. Each plot size is maintained at 9m (along the slope) x10.7 (across the slope), hence area of each plot will be 111.5-130sqm. The volume of each collection pit is around 3,000 litres.  
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