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Villivakkam reservoir, located in Ayanavaram Railway Colony was created in 1930. The reservoir is about 1,500 feet long, 900 feet wide, at the surface, and 24 feet deep. Before 1950, it was the largest of its kind in Chennai with spread over 200,000 lakh sq.m.   It had a provision of six steel overhead tanks with a capacity of 600,000 lakh gallons of treated water for storage and distribution. The waterbody has seven recharging wells sunk on the lakebed and this was one of the reasons for the retention of water level throughout the year. The lake served as a breeding habitat of various birds, including waterhen, egrets and pond herons. The treated water from the filtration unit was supplied to nearby colonies till 1950s.

The waterbody, which is also known as the ICF Lake, is now matted with hyacinth in many parts and presents a picture of neglect. The metal ramp, which provides a panoramic view of the water body, is also in a precarious condition. The filtering process attached to the lake stopped abruptly in  2006 due to which oil and chemical pollution in the lake is endangering the aquatic life. Today, the water in the reservoir is treated by the Southern Railway, which holds dominium of it, with a dilapidated water treatment plant and used for washing purposes in its workshops.

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