Khamranga Birds diversity dwindles

Early Birds continued its birds census at Khamranga beel near Thakurkuchi Rly station for 18th consecutive year on 9th of January but failed to record many of the avian species variety that were recorded earlier. It is a shocking experience that birds like Bar headed goose and other ducks like pintail, common teal etc had stopped visiting the site long years back. Even regular visitor like white-eyed pochard are missing for last two years.

Myself and my companion Sri Sajib Das could find only a few common birds like Bronze winged jacana, little egret, stonechat, cattle egret, lesser whistling duck, red wattled lapwing, little cormorant, intermediary egret, purple heron, pond heron, openbill stork, purple moorhen, grey headed lapwing etc which are commonly found in any wetland in Assam during winter moths.

Only a few rare birds like blunt winged warbler, Pied harrier and a common kestrel could be located. Absence of birds like coot, sandpiper, snipe, little grebe etc remained a mystery to the visiting members. Possibly a continuous sound peeping through the air from a nearby stone quarry supposed to be inside the Amchang W/L sanctuary had disturbed the birds from their old favourite site. Continuous collection of firewood and fodder from nearby Amchang W/L had also compelled to do away with its past glory, two accompanied photographs proves the point.

Shri Moloy Baruah,
Early Birds,
26 Surujmukhi,
P.O. Silpukhuri, Guwahati-781003


Dear Susmita

I have sent a message through the contact us page on the rainwater havesting site.

You must look at the thousands of water bodies, a criss- cross system of channels, canals and riverine systems that is seen in Kanyakumari and is being lost at a fast
pace. The voices are few, even i dare not raise it for I have no means to face the violence that is likely to arise if i do. geetha iyer

ps I used to be in touch with Sunita Narain when i was the head of Sahyadri School, KFI Pune but since moving here i have not got in touch. I wish i had.

Padmanabhan Geetha


Dear Susmita,

Warm greetings from Mizoram.

We are pleased to share link to our blog that talks of our efforts at Mizoram

the blog also talks of our documentation of palak lake one of the major lakes of mizoram and one of the most unique and beautiful locations that i have been to dil.html

Look forward to your reply,



Dear Sushmita,

I will send your message and site to my friends in Canada to collect some database.

Then, if I get anything related with a polluted lake, I will send you email.

Best wishes,


Sunny(Sunkyoung Yun) Harrison
Coordinator/International Affairs
Wetlands & Birds Korea

  Letter from Mowdudur Rahman, researcher from Bangladesh wrote this letter to CSE after the news of encroachment of Gulshan Baridhara lake came in.

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh , Ministry of Environment and Forest through Notificationdated 27 August 1997 refers section 20 of the Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act, 1995 (Act 1 of 1995), the Government make the following Rules;

1. Short Title: These Rules may be called the Environment Conservation Rules, 1997

2. Definitions.- "Act" means Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act, 1995 (Act I of 1995; Ref. clause b...................

3. Declaration of Ecologically Critical Area (1) The Government shall take the following factors into consideration while declaring any area as Ecologically Critical Area under sub section (1) of section 5:

(a) human habitat;
(b) ancient monument;
(c) archeological site;
(d) forest sanctuary;
(e) national park
(f) game reserve
(g) wild animals habitat
(I) mangrove
(j) forest area
(k) biodiversity of the relevant area
(l) other relevant factors

The Government shall, in accordance with the standards referred to in rules 12 and 13, specify the activities or processes which can not be continued or initiated in an Ecologically Critical Area.

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Environment and Forest had declared Sundarban, Cox'sbazar-Teknaf sea beach, Sent Martin Island, Sonadia island, Hakaluki Haor, Tanguar Haor, Morjad Baor asECA throughNotificationdated19/April/1999 AND Gulshan- Baridhara LAKE was also declared as an ECA later on so fallsunder the
ECA-1995 Act and ECR-1997 regulations

Mowdudur Rahman
  Letter from Dr. Ajay S Rawat
As some of the directions of the Honourable Supreme Court were not implemented, I moved an interim application (INTEREM APPLICATION No 7) in the HONOURABLE SUPREME COURT in 2005. Subsequently the following measures have been taken:

  Letter from Dr. T. Patanjali Shastry
Centre for Environment
Rajahmundray , A P

  Dear madam

I am happy to note from the Protected Area Update, August 2009 (No.80) that you are collecting data about the threatened lakes of India.

I have been researching on the Pulicat Lake for the past 47 years and published about 80 research papers, and two books (Macro Fauna of Pulicat Lake and Birds of Pulicat Lake), produced eight Ph.D. theses and established a Research Laboratory on the lake.

Please let me know what kind of information you are looking for and what is the aim.

I wonder why Pulicat Lake is not recognised as yet as a Ramsar Site.

I shall try to send some information, after i hear from you.

Thanking you and with best wishes

Yours sincerely

Sanjeeva Raj
  Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Professor,
IIT Roorkee
On the state of Badha lake in Fazilka, Punjab

  Hello Sir,

My name is Govind Rawat from airari bisht distt. almora I want to register a complaint against the people who missuse water. Actually the matter is that Airari Bisht is a town of Almora distt. There is a big lake which is major resource of water conservation but now days many people are misusing it. Sir please help me if we can take the action against them, then we can save this lake. Please forward as my application to the related department as soon as possible.

Govind Rawat
  Nice to know that there is someone fighting for saving lakes. I am here to share story of Ramanthapur lake near Uppal X Road in Hyderabad. Once used to be a huge lake was illegally encroached by individual as well as commercial builders.

Now the entire catchment area of the lake is disappeared. Only during rainy season you some water in rainy season. Land sharks do not like this and open the gates of the lake to empty the lake so that their establishments are intact.. Now slowly turning into a dump yard and very soon that the lake might even disappear...We can only pray god to save the lake.

Sudheer Nadipally
Social Researcher
  I believe that Centre for Science & Environment is building up a database of threatened lakes. I would like to bring to your notice a beautiful lake- the Dhanori Lake, in Pune, which is threatened. A look at the enclosed photographs will confirm what a beautiful lake it is. Builders are trying to fill up the lake with rubble and then build an IT park on it. The lake covers an area of 26 acres and has a depth of up to 100 feet. I have attached my email dt. June 30 2008 to the Municipal Commissioner of Pune. This email gives the complete background on the lake.

Also enclosed below is my letter dt April 23 2009 to the Min. of Environment & Forests asking them to revoke environmental clearance given by them. I would be grateful if the CSE would be able to help particularly in Delhi to save the Dhanori Lake

Satish Khot
President, National Society for Clean Cities, Pune

  I want to register a complaint against the people who hold the illegal lake coast. Actually the matter is that Nehtaur is a town of Bijnor distt. There is a big lake which is major resource of water conservation but now a days many people hold the lake coast. Sir please help me if we can take the action against them,  then we can save a LAKE.

Asif Husain
Bijnor, U.P
  I was really impressed to see CSE's interative map on threatened lakes in India, this is exactly the type of project that we are trying to get together for the World Wetland Network globally.

We would welcome some advice from you on how this can work, as you seem to have done a good job for Indian lakes.

Mr Chris Rostron
Head of Wetland Link International
WWT London Wetland Centre
Queen Elizabeth's Walk, Barnes, London SW13 9WT
  Save Lakes From The Sins Of Humanity There is something very beautiful about lakes, Lakes do not just mirror their environment. They also mirror the society around them. Clean water in a lake is either the result of an absence of humanity or the presence of very disciplined human beings who care. Bhopal is known as the Lake City. BHOPAL lakes are dying. Many have already died and disappeared and many await the same fate. It's simply a matter of time. Will the policy makers wake up in time to avert this catastrophe? The impact on human society is  immense as cultural eutrophication severely reduces water quality, which not only kills and contaminates fish, but also can become a health-related problem in humans once it begins to interfere with drinking water treatment. In order to assess the water quallty of the upper lake of Bhopal (India) after the leakage of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas from the Union Carbide factory, Bhopal, bacteriological study of the lake water was carried out.

Water samples were collected from eight different sampling stations from the eastern, western, northern and southern sides of the lake. The study has revealed that the coliform bacteria are increased (24000/mL) at the onset of summer and are dropped to a minimum (120/mL) during monsoon season against the permissible limit of 100/mL recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for water to be used for drinking purposes. The data collected show that the water quality of the Upper lake is deteriorated and is gradually becoming unfit for drinking. Organic wastes such as sewage and farm waste impose high oxygen demands on the receiving water leading to oxygen depletion with potentially severe impacts on the whole eco-system. Industries discharge a variety of pollutants in their wastewater including heavy metals, organic toxins, oils, nutrients, and solids.


  This is helpful.

Vivek Bedekar


  1. A 30 million litres per day Sewage Treatment Plant catering to the sewage of three town Panchayats of Madambakkam, Sembakkam and Chitlapakkam under Tambaram Taluk has been proposed at the mouth of the Madambakkam Lake.
    During monsoons rainwater flows into the lake through this area. This is certainly disastrous from the environmental and health points of view.
  2. It is of serious concern that no Environmental Impact Assessment or Pollution Control Board approval has been carried out for the proposed site, especially in the light of the earlier earmarked site having been protested by local residents, and the decision to relocate in yet another residential area beats any logic. Further, no Public Hearing seems to have been conducted on the project.  Significant court proceedings on effects of STPs in residential areas concerning public health and environmental pollution on ground/water resources do not seem to have been taken into consideration before selecting the new site.
  3. It is also distressing that an environmentally damaging STP with its long winding sewer lines crisis crossing the roads in the three town panchayats areas carrying 30 mld per day is a thrust on a residential area disregarding the environmental issues, health implications for vast population of the area. 

Your help is sought in raising national awareness in view of both political and bureaucratic apathy in relocating this treacherous modernity from a lake that can serve generations to come.

Gopinath S.G.


Thanks for sharing and updates.

Dewan Hari Das 
Program Manager.
Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum [PFF], Karachi

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