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Searnet is working to promote rainwater harvesting in Africa and offers information on rainwater harvesting as a viable water source for irrigation and domestic needs

 n Rainwater harvesting and purification system

 n Rainwater harvesting in pdf format- video, courtesy of the city of Austin

 n Rainwater harvesting in Texas-a new water source

 n Rainwater harvesting in Honduras: Information on how to harvest
rainwater from roofs for domestic and agricultural uses

 n Wedc-garnet,tnc/ roofwater-roof water harvesting.

 n Central Ground Water Authority - the offcial web site of the central ground
water authority of india provides a premier on rain water.

 n Rainwater harvesting - elements of casa's rooftop catchment.

 n Rainwater harvesting systems for montans by gretchen rupp,pe,
extension engineer /specialist

 n Rainwater harvesting from jade mountain (jm). floating suction filter

 n Rainwater harvesting the complete guide to harvesting rainwater for
household and landscape needs

 n Software tools for harvesting, storage and utilization of capturing
water. cida. combating desertification.

 n Rainwater harvesting-patil 364 22nd wepc conference: discussion
paper New Delhi, india,1996 rainwater harvesting Dr Medha J Dixit and
Prof Subhash M Patil, India

 n Sourcebook harvested rainwater- rainwater harvesting section of
sustainable building sourcebook describes the potential for collecting.

 n Water wiser -the water efficiency clearing house reuse/recycling &
rainwater harvesting-cisterns/rainwater harvesting systems- advanced
technologies for commercial buldings.

 n Water wiser - the water efficiency cleaning house
rainwater harvesting-texas guide to rainwater harvesting available in pdf...

 n Rrainwater harvesting -for more information on rainwater harvesting
and water efficient landscaping

 n Rainwater harvesting …energy, conserve water, reduce erosion and
storm water runoff and keep your landscape healthy and green consider
an ancient technology.

 n Rainwater harvesting system - usda forest service, pacific southwest
research station. centre for urban forest research home.

 n Rainwater harvesting system, need of the hour, environment.

 n What is simtanka? simtanka is a software for simulating performance of
rainwater harvesting systems with covered water storage tank.

 n Rain water harvesting oasis design. water system consultancy

 n The desert house: rainwater harvesting or collecting rain water for
future water, needs, has been used for many sentries as a way to tales
advantage of seasonal participation .

 n Sustainable earth technologies - rainwater harvesting.. what is
rainwater harvesting and why is it important? what are the benefits in
rainwater harvesting?

 n Rainwater harvesting is also a part of our food production and
shelter programmers in africa…..

 n Barish rainwater

 n (pdf) water harvesting rainwater harvesting system is an alternative
method that we can utilised to reduce our dependency on potable water.
rainwater harvesting system is not…

 n Rainwater harvesting system for increasing livestock for age on arid…
range lands of pakisthan.

 n Rainwater club, bangalore

 n Rainwater harvesting-healthful investment for an ecological future

 n Rooftop rainwater harvesting-irc home dgis policy supporting paper

 n The web of rain

 n Special focus: info rain sources

 n Rainwater harvesting, landscape and hard surface

Rainwater harvesting agriculture- an integrated system for water
management in rainfed land in china's semi arid areas

 n Rainwater harvesting climatic solutions

 n The hindu rainwater harvesting-online edition of india's national
news paper hindu/2001/07/23/stories

 n City to unveil rainwater harvesting rebate programmes march 1998. us
water news online.austin

 n Lanka rainwater harvesting forum

 n Rainwater harvesting: ways of raising public awareness for rainwater
harvesting for artificial recharge
www.water-2001-de/datenbank/756523053.36977.9/ways of

 n Somali land: cement lined tanks for rainwater harvesting. 21st wedc

 n Contributions relating to rainwater harvesting- a new framework for
decision making

 n Information on rainwater harvesting with an emphasis on roofwater

 n Rainwater harvesting demonstration incentive programme

 n Rainwater harvesting with multiples barrels

 n Rainwater harvesting water system design service, system examples

 n Rainwater harvesting be a solution to drinking water problem in

 n Rainwater harvesting. the collection of rainfall and runoff in rural areas:
arnold pacey , adrian cullis

 n Rainwater harvesting in situ: site preparation methods for rainwater
harvesting in northeastern brazil

 n Rainwater harvesting or collections: for centuries the world has relied
uponrainwater harvesting to supply water for household, landscape and
agricultural uses….

 n Water magazine index- rainwater harvesting and collection-article links :
examples of simple, low cost rainwater harvesting systems were seen over

 n Rainwater harvesting: A rainwater collection and storage system is
investigated, focusing on water quality at various parts

 n Rainwater harvesting over the last few years, Britain...

 n Rainwater harvesting in Bangladesh

 n Hindustan times

 n Construction of underground rainwater harvesting tanks harvestingmanual.htm

 n Kaaraka, v. 1996, Management of bushland vegetation using rainwater
harvesting in eastern Kenya.

 n Water conservation-Prevents soil erosion and flooding especially in
urban areas

 n Rainwater harvesting water softness and reverse osmosis-complete
rainwater harvesting systems

 n Rainwater harvesting guide...

 n Potential for rainwater harvesting in bangladesh

 n Potential research as alternative water supply sources.

 n Alternative concept

 n Rainwater harvesting type book description: This book shows ancient
and modern designs for drinking water systems, tanks and cisterns....

 n Untitled- can rainwater harvesting be a solution...

 n Rainwater harvesting in the developing world....

 n FAKT field of work introduction: Water supply

 n Texas water- water facts-....

 n Source book of alternative technologies for freshwater..

 n Rainwater harvesting in tamil nadu....

 n Preliminary study of rainwater harvesting in mid west uganda...

 n Duryog nivaran : publications...

 n Rainwater harvesting - media. to tackle the problem of drought...

 n Rainwater harvesting is decentralised...

 n International center for integrated mountain development, Rainwater
harvesting system - key solution to a looming crisis 36/rain.htm

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