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The Damodar is the most polluted river in the country today, thanks to the several industries that have sprouted on its mineral-rich banks. There are the coal-based industries that dot the Damodar valley: mostly government-owned coal washeries; coke oven plants; the country's major iron and steel plants; thermal power plants. Zinc, glass and cement plants. The pollution was caused by mine overburden, fly ash, oil, toxic metals and coal dust. Faulty mining practices, outdated processing practices and lack of proper maintenance were compounded by corruption, inadequate pollution control and a state pollution control board that did nothing. The people living in the basin were slowly being poisoned because the Damodar and its tributaries were the only source of drinking water for most people living in the area.
10 years after it investigated the condition of the Damodar, Down To Earth revisited the river basin-to find no significant change in the status of the river.

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Choking slowly to death
Coal dust, fly ash and slurry
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