Tank management by DHAN foundation

Mismanagement and neglect of more than 100,000 traditional tanks in the Deccan plateau have led to the severe shortage of water. To tackle this problem Development of Humane Action Foundation (DHAN), a Madhurai based NGO has successfully initiated extensive tank regeneration programmes with active community participation. Launched in 1992, the tank rehabilitation programme has now spread to around 150 villages, giving rise to 165 Tank Farmers Association (TFA's) in Madhurai, Theni, Thiruvalluvar, Villapuram and Ramanathapuram districts in Tamil Nadu and Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. Villagers have responded positively by contributing 25-50 per cent of the total cost of the projects. All construction or repair work is under taken through TFA's. These associations have executed physical work worth Rs 1 crore so far.

Table: DHAN foundation has defined the activities that need to be undertaken for participatory tank revival and how this can be achieved
Stake- building and trust-building
Standardisation Integrated tank system development
Self-management of tank system.
Content Tank selection Farmers planning Catchment treatment Ongoing operation and maintenance
Formation of water users association Farmers implementation Integration with other tanks Endowment fund
Leader (s) System repairs Water management Institution building
Farmers contribution Encroachment eviction Conjunctive use and crop production Turnover
Process PRA methods Sharing of experiences PRA methods Review process
Exposure visits Specific training Handholding of TFA Capacity building training
Farmer sub- group meeting System design and implementation Integration of catchment and command area farmers Setting up of self renewal mechanism.
Note: PRA : Participatory Rural Appraisal TFA: Tank farmers Association.

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