Laporiya's integrated approach harness rain for both domestic and commercial purposes while, enriching region's ecological health. So, convinced are they about the strength of their works that grazing is not prohibited even during the initial phase
Chauka System
The people of Laporiya of Dudu block, Jaipur, Rajasthan have dyked degraded pastures to harvest rain. In the 1970's the pastures of Laporiya were barren and degraded. In 1990, the Gram Vikas Navuyak Mandal Laporiya (GVNML), a civil society group of Laporiya mobilised the vilage community to undertake the revival of its ecology.

A gram sabha (village assembly) consisting of 11 village elders were formed. Four years later, work was initiated on 50 hectares (ha) of pastures to integrate the denuded land into a single project unit. To complete the project, the villagers contributed labour as shramdaan (voluntary labour) and the result was a system of chaukas.

Chaukas are rectangular plots in a dyked pasture and store rainwater. They are 66 metres (m) long and 132 m wide enclosures arranged in a zigzag pattern and lie along small gradient. Dykes, 1.5 m high are built along the three sides that lie towards the lower part of the land/gradient. Trees are planted on these dykes to give them additional support to withstand rain.

When it rains, water collects in the dyked lower half of the chauka. As the amount of water stored in the enclosure rises, it flows into the neighbouring chauka, and so on, gradually seeping over the entire pasture. This means that fields are never inundated with water. Grasses can grow. After reaching the last chauka, the water flows into a monsoon drain. This system not only provides adequate water for villagers, but also promotes the recharge of groundwater.

The key to the success of the project is its adaptability. The dykes have been built keeping in mind the pathways that he people use. There was no restriction on grazing in the chaukas earlier as the emphasis was on impounding water and improving the soil. Now the people of the village plan to restrict grazing to alternate chaukas.

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