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Bhuj, a town in the Kutch district, was a walled city in the past. But today only remnants of the city wall can be seen.

There were once three large tanks in the town - Hamirsar, the biggest, Desalsar and Pragsar. Pragsar does not exist anymore. The lake has been filled up and the land is now in the custody of the Indian Air Force. Desalsar is in a state of total neglect - buffaloes wallow in it and women wash clothes.

Hamirsar was the most important source of water for Bhuj in the past. It was fed by a main canal originating in the Lakhi hills. Smaller tributaries joined this main canal. Due to Hamirsar, the water-table in Bhuj was well maintained. There were wells around the tank and water from them was used for drinking and other activities. Water would also be taken on bullock or camel carts to homes. Many houses situated around Hamirsar had their own individual dugwells.

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