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The Centre interacts with numerous organisations, both in India and abroad. It works with like-minded organisations to lobby for the inclusion of Southern perspectives in international fora. Nationally, CSE works with several groups to support the concept of ‘environmental rights’.

Some of the partners with whom CSE has been collaborating are as follows:

Akshara Prakashana, Karnataka
Akshara Prakashana has made CSE’s State of India’s Environment reports available in Kannada.

Approtech Asia, Manila
CSE is a founding member of this Asia-wide appropriate technology network.

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), Dhaka
CSE and BCAS work together on issues of global warming and poverty-environment interface.

Bangalore Consultancy Office (BCO), Karnataka
CSE works closely with BCO for campaigns on ecodevelopment plan for protected areas, and on global environmental issues.

Biodiversity Action Network, Washington
The Centre works with BioNet on the issue of biodiversity conservation. Both Ends, Amsterdam CSE and Both Ends keep in regular contact on issues of environment.

Both Ends, Amsterdam
CSE and Both Ends keep in regular contact on issues of environment.

Centre de Reflexiond’ Information et de Solidarite (CRISLA)
This organisation has published CSE’s publications including the State of India Environment reports in French.

Centre for Water Resources Development and Management, Kerala
CSE works with CWRDM on issues of water management.

Centre International de Recherche surl’Environment et le Developpement (CIRED), Paris
CSE and CIRED exchange information regularly on scientific and political issues of global warming.

Centre rennais d’information pour le developpement, (CRIDEV), Rennes
CSE works with CRIDEV on numerous international issues.

Climate Action Network (CAN), Washington
CSE is an active member of the global Climate Action Network, which has members in all regions of the world to lobby governments to strengthen the Climate Change Convention.

Community Aid Abroad (CAA), Melbourne
CAA has assisted CSE in reporting on environmental developments in Australia and the Pacific.

Concerned Citizens, Sikkim
CSE works with Concerned Citizens on environmental issues in Sikkim.

Council for Professional Social Workers (CPSW), Bhubaneshwar
CSE assisted CPSW to produce its State of the Environment report on Orissa by providing available information on the state.

Creative Learning for Change (CLC), New Delhi
It coordinates the production of CSE’s series of children’s story books on environmental issues.

DEEDS, Karnataka
CSE works closely with DEEDS for campaign on ecodevelopment plan for protected areas.

Desertification Network, Geneva
CSE worked with African NGOs to formulate positions on the Desertification Control Convention at a meeting in Ougadougu, Mali. Since then, CSE has been an active member of the network, formed globally to prevent desertification.

Economieet Humanisme, Lyon CSE works with Economie et Humanisme on environmental issues.

Environment and Development Research Centre (EDRC), Brussels
CSE is the South Asian member of the international Network on Trade and Environment which is located at EDRC.

Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI), Nairobi
CSE is a member of ELCI. CSE’s director, Anil Agarwal, was chairperson of ELCI from 1984-87. CSE is a founding member representing South Asia in the International Interim Committee to Liaison on Biodiversity Convention, whose secretariat is also located at ELCI.

Educational Training Consultancy (ETC), Amsterdam
CSE’s director is a member of the foundation’s board of directors. The foundation is deeply involved in promoting low external input agriculture.

Eklavya, Madhya Pradesh
CSE works with Eklavya on issues of water management.

Folkekirkens Nodhjaelp, Copenhagen
This organisation collaborates with CSE to generate reports on environmental issues worldwide.

Foundation for Community Organisation and Management Technology (FCOMT), Manila
CSE is helping FCOMT to popularise the concept of community-based national accounting systems.

Foundation for the Progress of Humanity (FPH), Paris
FPH and CSE work together to promote concepts of global democracy.

Friends of the Earth-Canada (FOE-Canada), Ottawa
CSE and FOE-Canada have a joint project to monitor the Montreal Protocol to phase out ozone depleting substances.

Friends of the Earth, International (FOE-I), Amsterdam
FOE-I and CSE have an agreement to consult each other before initiating campaigns on international environmental issues. CSE also plans to attend the annual meetings of FOE-I partners and members.

Friends of the Earth-Netherlands (FOE-Netherlands), Amsterdam CSE has a collaborative project with FOE-Netherlands on strategies to change consumption patterns of the North.

Gandhi Peace Foundation (GPF), New Delhi
GPF and CSE have collaborated in the past to translate and produce the first two citizens’ reports on the State of India’s Environment. CSE continues to collaborate with GPF on the latter’s studies on traditional water harvesting systems.

Greenpeace International, Amsterdam
CSE has worked with Greenpeace on the Montreal Protocol, toxic trade and climate change. It attended workshops organised by Greenpeace in New Delhi and Bombay.

Himal, Kathmandu
Himal collaborates with CSE to report on the Himalayan environment and analysing people’s efforts to improve it.

Indian Social Institute (ISI), New Delhi
CSE is working with ISI on the draft forest bill and the draft rehabilitation policy of the Central government.

International Development Research Center (IDRC)/Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries (SAREC), Ottawa/Stockholm CSE’s director is a member of the IDRC-SAREC Consultative Group on Sustainable Development.

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London
IIED collaborates with CSE to report on environmental events worldwide and to undertake joint analytical projects.

IUCN-Nepal, Kathmandu
It is an active member of the South Asian NGO Network initiated by CSE, without whose help the Third South Asian NGO Summit could not have been organised in Kathmandu.

IUCN-Netherlands,   Amsterdam
CSE has been collaborating with the World Conservative Union’s Netherlands chapter on the issues of institutional change in Global Forest Policy.

IUCN-Pakistan, Karachi
CSE and IUCN-Pakistan jointly organised a major India-Pakistan Environment Conference in Lahore,whose proceedings have been published by IUCN-Pakistan.

Jan Sewa Parishad (JSP), Bihar
CSE works with JSP on environmental issues, particularly on issues regarding tribals’ rights over minor forest produce.

Kashtakari Sangathana, Maharashtra
CSE was involved with the Sangathana on their campaign for tribal self-rule.

Ladakh Ecological Development Group, Ladakh
CSE works with LEDEG on issues of water management.

Malaria Research Centre, New Delhi
The Centre works with VCRC on the issue of environmental management of vectors

Mihikatha Trust Fund (MTF), Colombo CSE is working with the Fund on South Asian environmental issues.

Mohammad Ali Society (MAS), Karachi
MAS and CSE work together on issues relating to poverty and environment, with CSE resource persons in training workshops and seminars.

Oikos, Maharashtra
CSE works with Oikos on issues of water management.

Orissa Mahakrushak Sangh (OMS), Orissa
CSE has been involved with the Sangh in campaigns to save the Chilika lake.

Oxford Centre for the Environment, Ethics and Society, London
The Centre works with OCEES on issues of biodiversity conservation and benefit sharing..

Peaceful Society, Goa
CSE collaborates with Peaceful Society on environmental issues.

Panos Institute, London
Panos provides CSE with regular inputs for its worldwide coverage of environmental events.

Pravah, Gujarat
CSE works with Pravah to create public awareness on issues of water management.

Project Swarajya, Orissa
Project Swarajya has translated CSE’s environmental publications into Oriya.

Royal Society for the Protection of Nature (RSPN), Thimphu
CSE is assisting the Society to produce its report on the state of environment of Bhutan.

Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), Dehradun
CSE is working with RLEK to build up a movement to empower local communities to manage national parks, sanctuaries and other protected areas.

Samaj Parivartana Samudaya (SPS), Karnataka
CSE works with SPS on issues involving people’s rights over natural resources and on the question of captive plantation for industry on state-owned forest lands.

Samartan, Maharashtra
CSE works with Samartan to create public awareness on issues of water management.

Shirkat Gah, Lahore
CSE and Shirkat Gah work together to draw up common positions on global environmental issues and exchange news clippings to produce a South Asian Green File. Social Research and Development Council (SRDC), Orissa CSE works with SRDC on issues related to protected area management, particularly on Simlipal Tiger Reserve. Society for Hill Resource Management School (SHRMS), Bihar CSE assists SHRMS in promoting its ideas of wealth creation by the poor through participation and good natural resource management.

Society for Protection of Environment and Quality of Life , Andhra Pradesh
CSE works with SPEQL to create public awareness on issues of water management.

South Asian NGO Network Several leading environmental NGOs in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal are working together to develop and strengthen an environment and development NGO network in South Asia.

Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum, Colombo
It assists CSE in distributing its feature service to Sri Lanka’s media.

Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Lahore
CSE and SDPI work together to draw up common South Asian positions on global environmental issues. Swedish Society for Conservation of Nature (SSCN), Stockholm The society collaborates with CSE to generate reports on environmental events worldwide.

Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS), Rajasthan
CSE works with the Sangh on environmental campaigns to save the Sariska sanctuary.

Television Trust for the Environment (TTE), London It works with CSE to help make environmental videos available to Indian and South Asian institutions.

Ubeshwar Vikas Mandal (UVM) Rajasthan
CSE works with UVM on environmental issues in Rajasthan.

Vector Control Research Centre, New Delhi
The Centre works with VCRC on the issue of environmental management of vectors.

Visthar, Karnataka
CSE works with Visthar to create public awareness on issues of water management.

Vivekanand Girijan Kalyana Kendra (VGKK), Karnataka
CSE works with VGKK on issues of management of biodiversity with community participation.

Waste Consultants, Netherlands
CSE’s deputy director is a member of its programme policy committee. Centre works with Waste Consultants on hazardous and municipal waste management issues.

WWF(I), (Jaipur), Rajasthan
CSE works with WWF(I) Jaipur to create public awareness on issues of water management.

WWF(I), (Jodhpur),
Rajasthan CSE works with WWF(I) Jaipur to create public awareness on issues of water management.

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