Traditional - ROD KOHI

This system or hill torrent system of irrigation is typical for hilly areas, facing flash floods/hills torrents during monsoon. Through a system of channels, the water from these torrents is diverted to a network of fields and is allowed to percolate. It is used for Rabi cultivation in September/October. Since 1880, intensive efforts have been made to utilize the area for agricultural purposes by managing flood flows of zams originating from the Suleiman range. The zams bring a large amount of water laden with silt when they descend from the darahs or gorges. The water is used by landowners through a network of gandis/sads (bunds constructed across the bed of the torrents), in the piedmont area, enroute to the Indus river. The floodwater is diverted into terraced fields with high embankments which are generally filled from about 1-1.5 m after which the water is released to the next field and so on through khulas (shallow channels). This system of diversion continues till either the flood flows are completely exhausted or all the fields are filled. Once the fields are filled, the water slowly percolates into soil and fields are used for Rabi cultivation in September/October.





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