Jar rainwater-harvesting system, Thailand

Thailand falls in the tropical belt of the world. It has abundant rainfall; the wet seasons are from May-October, when the country experiences southwest monsoon. The annual rainfall ranges from 102 cm in the northeast to over 380 cm in the peninsula.

Rainwater Jars:
Source: http://www.unep.or.jp/ietc/Publications/
Traditionally people collect rainwater to use it exclusively for drinking and cooking. People prefer rainwater to other water due to its taste. Most rural Thai people use at least two water sources. Rain water from jars and tanks and shallow ground water from tube wells. The construction of over 10 million 1-2 cubic meter forrocement jars for rainwater storage in Thailand has demonstrated the potential and appropriateness of catchment system as a primary rural water supply technology. The rainwater harvesting jars are almost used by all the individual houses and thus they have access to year round to clean water. The jars come in various capacities from 100 to 3,000 liters and are equipped with lid, faucet, and drain. The most popular size is 2,000 liters, which costs 750 Baht, and holds sufficient rainwater for a six-person household during the dry season, lasting up to six months.










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