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Vol. 2                                    No. 6                         December 2000


Glimpses of books



Water: Charting a course for the future
Ramaswamy R Iyer
Centre for Policy Researc
2000, pp 62


This book has been successful in portraying a comprehensive picture of our abundant but mismanaged vital natural resource - water! The book starts with a discussion on looming water scarcity, which the world presently is facing. The book has a short account of the recent happenings in the world regarding water issues. The author highlights the growing need and interest of several institutions and networks to address the issue of water globally as well as locally. The book details some fundamental aspects of global water scenario and facts of India’s water availability and variations. The National Commission on Integrated Water Resource Development Plan (NCIWRDP) has been discussed.

The author has minutely assessed the recommendations of the NCIWRDP, simultaneously highlighting the options to meet the ever-increasing water demand in India and the problems, weaknesses and failures with regard to drinking water, irrigation, groundwater, water quality and wastewater. The issue of availability of water in drought-prone areas have been discusssed and also the problem of recurring floods.

The author has mentioned the constraints pertaining to constitutional, financial, environmental and rehabilitation towards water resources development. He is of the opinion that these constraints represent a combination of realities and perceptions in developing water resources in India.

The author has asked for specific thrust areas for action and the review of laws pertaining to water resource management and planning. While analysing the recurring droughts in the country, the book has clearly specified the reasons behind the present status. The book is optimistic that with better resource management, the problem could be slowly mitigated. Finally, the author has raised the issue of accountability of our politicians with regard to sustainable water management policies for our country.

The book has seen successful in highlighting most of the aspects related to water management. The book would be a good reference material for people and organisations involved in water management.

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