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Vol. 2                                    No. 6                         December 2000funding

Netherlands Development Cooperation Programme

The Netherlands’s Development Cooperation Programme has established an Environmental Fund for projects of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in areas of industrial pollution, management, pollution prevention policies, water, soil degradation, waste manageable energy, global environment management, science and technology policies and participatory management.

ETC (India) has been entrusted with the management of this fund. An independent steering committee comprises of eminent persons who approves or disapproves for financial support.

The fund has been established, recognising that there is a need to coordinate economic development and environmental sustainability. NGOs play a major role in mobilising public opinion and also act as intermediaries between the government and the community and in demonstrating more sustainable development alternatives.

Project proposals must be prepared according to the application form. The proposal must be typed in English and double spacing. Additional information should be typed as annexes.

The secretariat screens the proposals, suggests modifications and then the project is appraised by an independent Steering committee.

For further information:

ETC (India)
Secretariat, E-110 Saket
New Delhi – 110 017
Tel: 685 7443/5858
Fax: 685 6672

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