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Vol. 3      

No. 6 

December   2001

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Glimpses of books

Glimpses of books

The Rainwater
Technology Handbook :

Rainharvesting in Building,

Klaus Koenig, published by Wilo-Brain, Germany, 2001, pp 143.

This is a handbook that looks at the global water scenario and emerging rainwater utilisation efforts. It presents a new business field for planners, manufacturers and users. It covers efforts by non-governmental organisations, governments, industry and individuals from developing and developed countries. It also gives a statement on individuals and organisations from these countries.

There are interesting examples from various countries that include both traditional and modern practices. Some examples include the water harvesting system in Kokugikan Hall in Tokyo where sumo wrestling matches are held, and the Millennium dome in England.

With several chapters on Germany, it describes the implementers, legal issues, state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting system components like collecting surfaces, filters, reservoirs, pipeline systems and pumps in that country. It provides a checklist for planning and executing rainwater harvesting — a good primer for implementers.

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